newGenerate events from an external program using the new `exec` source

Take Control Of Your Observability Data

Collect, transform, & route all observability data with one simple tool.

Vector DiagramA lightweight and ultra-fast tool for building observability pipelines

Vector is deployed over 1,000,000 times per month by Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Why Vector?

Ultra fast & reliable

Built in Rust, Vector is blistering fast and memory efficient. It's designed to handle the most demanding environments.


Vector aims to be the single, and only, tool needed to get data from A to B, deploying as an daemon, sidecar, or service.


Vector supports logs, metrics, and events, making it easy to collect and process all observability data.

Vendor Neutral

Vector does not favor any storage and fosters a fair, open ecosystem with your best interest in mind. Lock-in free and future proof.

Programmable Transforms

Programmable transforms give you the full power of programmable runtimes. Handle complex use cases without limitation.

Clear Guarantees

Guarantees matter, and Vector is clear on it's guarantees, helping you to make the appropriate trade offs for your use case.

Performance That Doesn't Deter

Built for the most demanding production environments

Correct To The Smallest Details

We're obsessed with getting the details right

Simple To Configure

A simple composable format lets you build flexible pipelines

End-To-End. A Complete Platform.

Get data from A to B without patching tools together

Installs Everywhere

Single binary, no dependencies, no runtime, memory safe
Single binary
X86_64, ARM64/v7
No runtime
Memory safe

Install with a one-liner:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
explain this command

Or choose your preferred method: