Global Options Reference

In addition to sources, transforms, and sinks, Vector accepts global options that serve to configure Vector as a whole and set defaults for component options.


# General
data_dir = "/var/lib/vector/" # optional, default
timezone = "local" # optional, default
# Healthchecks
healthchecks.enabled = true # optional, default
healthchecks.require_healthy = false # optional, default
  • optionalstring


    The directory used for persisting Vector state, such as on-disk buffers, file checkpoints, and more. Please make sure the Vector project has write permissions to this directory. See Data Directory for more info.

    • Syntax: literal
    • Default: "/var/lib/vector/"
  • optionaltable


    Configures health checks for all sinks.

    • commonoptionalbool


      Disables all health checks if false, otherwise sink specific option overrides it.

      • Default: true
    • optionalbool


      Exit on startup if any sinks' health check fails. Overridden by --require-healthy command line flag.

      • Default: false
  • optionalstring


    The name of the time zone to apply to timestamp conversions that do not contain an explicit time zone. The time zone name may be any name in the TZ database, or local to indicate system local time.

    • Syntax: literal
    • Default: "local"

How It Works

Data Directory

Vector requires a data_dir value for on-disk operations. Currently, the only operation using this directory are Vector's on-disk buffers. Buffers, by default, are memory-based, but if you switch them to disk-based you'll need to specify a data_dir.