Internal Logs Source

The Vector internal_logs source the internal logs source exposes all log and trace messages emitted by the running Vector instance.



type = "internal_logs" # required


This component outputs log events with the following fields:

"*" : null,
"message" : "Vector has started.",
"metadata" : {
"kind" : "event",
"level" : "TRACE",
"module_path" : "vector::internal_events::heartbeat",
"target" : "vector"
"timestamp" : "2020-10-10T17:07:36+00:00"
  • commonrequiredstring


    The textual message for this log or trace.

    • Syntax: literal
  • commonrequiredtimestamp


    The exact time the log or trace was generated.

  • commonrequired*


    Each field from the original message is copied into the event.

    • commonrequiredtable


      Metadata from the source log or trace event.

      • enumcommonrequiredstring


        What kind of call site caused this log or trace.

        • Syntax: literal
        • Enum, must be one of: "event" "span"
      • enumcommonrequiredstring


        The level of verbosity of the described span or event.

        • Syntax: literal
        • Enum, must be one of: "TRACE" "DEBUG" "INFO" "WARN" "ERROR"
      • commonrequiredstring


        The path to the internal module where the span occurred

        • Syntax: literal
      • commonrequiredstring


        Describes the part of the system where the span or event that this metadata describes occurred.

        • Syntax: literal


    This component provides the following metrics that can be retrieved through the internal_metrics source. See the metrics section in the monitoring page for more info.

    • counter


      The total number of events emitted by this component. This metric includes the following tags:

      • component_kind - The Vector component kind.

      • component_name - The Vector component ID.

      • component_type - The Vector component type.

      • instance - The Vector instance identified by host and port.

      • job - The name of the job producing Vector metrics.

    How It Works


    By default, the internal_logs source will augment events with helpful context keys as shown in the "Output" section.

    Logs are limited by startup options

    At startup, the selection of log messages generated by
    vector is set by a combination of the `$LOG` environment
    variable and the `--quiet` and `--verbose` command-line
    options. This internal logs source will only receive
    logs that are generated by these options.


    This component is stateless, meaning its behavior is consistent across each input.